Wednesday, October 14, 2015


So this is attempt Nine Gabillion Zillion for weightloss.

As of October 15 2015 I'm 44 years of age.  No children.

My history is this.  As a child/teenager I was the skinny one.  Yes, yes I was.  So skinny in fact that kids would take delight in pointing it out to me.  In this day and age it may be seen as bullying, but back then it was just kids being kids.  Sticks and stones, you know.

As a young adult I was fine, no issues, slim even though my diet was not one of the best.  I have always had a very sweet tooth, and a love of fast food.  Yes, I like McDonalds.  Yes, I like KFC.  Yes, yes I do!

In fact I was just fine and dandy up until about 7 years ago, when it all went pear shaped, or perhaps, more accurately, I went pear shaped, or apple shaped perhaps.

So what happened?  A few things.

8 years ago I competed in an event called the 'Coast to Coast', where you cycle, run, and kayak from one side of the South Island of NZ to the other, about 230kms.  I did the 2 day option, and came dead last, but I did it, and I was fit.  Oh so fit, and happy with myself.  Life was good!

The Coast to Coast was a bucket list item.  Once it was done I had no motivation to ever cycle, run or kayak again.  Bear in mind, training for the event involved 3 hour runs, kayaks and/or cycles so I had the mindset you either train for a long time, or not at all.  I chose not at all. 

Which leads me to my metabolism.

I believe that the long, slow training I was doing has caused my body to now burn nutrients long and slow.  Makes sense, right?!  My body learned to take the fuel it was given, and to release it slowly so I could keep going and going.  And I did!  As I said, I came dead last so it was my body that had to to for the longest time out of everyone else who competed.

Then I moved across country to be with TJL.  I worked as a lab technician at a factory where I made the unwise decision to start buying my lunches, and afternoon teas, and breakfasts.  The lunches were huge, added to which was a nice 600mL bottle of coke.  I love coke!  And afternoon tea?  Why a nice, sweet slice of some kind, washed down with the remainder of my 600mL coke, trying to beat the 3pm ZZZzzzzzzzz's, you know?!  And then I discovered that the tanker drivers had a vending machine in their lunch room.  Hello there!  Skor bars!  My favourite!

And on came 23kg's, that's 50lbs folks.  And I am now at a weight I never thought I would be at when I was younger, but I've now been at it so long I no longer view it as a huge problem.  Say what?  My clothes fit!  Well of course they do, they are XXL, and I used to be an S or M.  When I see it like that I'm ashamed.  And I don't want to be ashamed.

But then, I left the lab job, and I have not 'worked' for the last 4 years.  My weight has stayed fairly constant over that time, but I haven't lost any, which is the main issue, although I'm very thankful I haven't gained either.

So why haven't I lost the weight?

I don't know.  I have had the motivation, at times, but it is not sustained motivation, and I may lose a kg or 2, but it just comes back.

This time I hope to keep myself accountable via this blog (I have attempted this before as well), and to set myself small, achievable goals rather than having that big 'I want to weight XXkgs by XX' because when I don't see suitable results fast enough I just toss the whole towel in.  I don't know when it was I became a quitter either!

My first plan is to start reducing my sugar intake and portion size - for me that's tough and tougher!  I love to eat, and I love to eat sweet.  If things go to plan I will look at increasing my exercise, which currently involves 'walking' the dogs daily.  Walking = ambling or strolling along, not anything that involves much exertion, just so you know.  So I do know that I need to increase the intensity, and length of my walks, but I prefer to focus just on the food aspect at this stage.

I'm also working on decluttering our home, via Fly Lady, which in turn declutters my mind, which in turn gives me more energy to focus on myself.  And we all need more energy, right?!

So, yeah, here we go, again!


  1. OMG, you did the Coast to Coast? You're amazing!

    Like you I was skinny as a child/teenager - Sportsperson of the year at my school, Netball A, athletics and swimming, etc etc. I put on a lot of weight in my 30s when I was studying, and it's fluctuated up and down ever since. I'm at my heaviest now, and I really need to lose weight. I'm cutting down on sugar and portion size too - so I'm glad I found your blog. I'm sure you'll inspire me.

    1. Thanks Mali! Best of luck on your journey. I'm feeling really positive at the moment, but one always does for the first week ... hahaha.