Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Goal 1

Righty-ho, so my first goal is to get to under 90kgs (198lbs - lbs I hate you, I much prefer our kgs).  No time frame, I just want to see the scales go downwards.

I am currently 93.9kgs (207lbs - again lbs, I hate you).  This is fully clothed at 3pm, because when the doctor weighs you they don't care that your shirt is heavy cotton, and you have jeans on, or what time of day it is, so lets just get really, really, real here!

So I want to lose 4kgs (9lbs).

How - cutting right back on sugar.  No more fizzy drinks.  I usually have a glass of 'soda stream' fizzy each night with dinner.  I live in my own little world where 'home made' fizz is not as bad as 'store bought'.

Yeah right, whatever MJ, you just kid yourself.

Plus I love to bake.  When I was a child, with my super sweet tooth, and a mother who didn't bake, I had to learn to bake to get my sweet fix, and so bake I do.  I'm paring that back to one batch of biscuits on a Sunday, rather than 2 batches, and once they've run out, more batches during the week.

And I am going to TRY and reduce my portion sizes.  No, no, I AM going to reduce my portion sizes.  Not sure how, as yet, as I just eyeball 'em.  I'm really not the kind of person who wants to weigh her food out, as that will just make me quit as I can't be bothered with that kind of rigmarole.  I shall start with a smaller plate, and go from there.

Oh, and snacks.  I completely forgot about snacks, until I just thought about having one now.  I will try nuts, and carrots, and cheese, and crackers maybe.  Just not cake (well I had the last piece of cake today), and so many biscuits.  Which reminds me ...

Righty ho, we will see how I go.
And a reward for losing 4kgs (9lbs) ... hmmmm ... some Nike Pegasus shoes maybe ...

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